YES. Orders may be placed through our website

    For safety reasons, we will not accept ammunition returns. It is your responsibility as a customer to ascertain EXACTLY what cartridge your firearm uses. It is also your responsibility to insure that the firearm in which you’ll use these cartridges is suitable and safe. if a shipment is refused by the customer or an order is canceled, the order is subject to up to a 10% restocking fee to cover the costs of moving funds from your account to ours and then back to you. No refund of shipping charges will be made on refused shipments, or canceled orders that have been picked up by the shipping company we use.

    Before your order is shipped, it must be processed. We ask that you allow 3-5 business days (not including weekends and holidays) for processing. This gives us and our vendors time to make sure your items are picked and packed with care. Tracking numbers will be provided once your order ships.

     JP Enterprises recommends 9mm 124 grain ammunition in their PCCs due to the combination of velocity and accuracy seen in their independent testing, and we have found the same to be true.  Many competitors are also using 9mm 115 grain ammunition with great success, as recoil and muzzle rise are not as important a factor for shouldered carbines.

    Generally, competition shooting requires ammunition which has a limited recoil while providing enough kinetic energy to reliably knock down steel targets within 50 feet. For those using 9mm pistols, we HIGHLY recommend 147 grain projectiles traveling below 950 FPS.  9mm 147gr ammunition has a lower velocity than either 115 or 124 grain ammunition, while the heavier projectile retains more kinetic energy. This provides a larger margin of error for shots that do not hit the center ‘activation’ zone on steel poppers, or shots that strike low on plate racks.