Customer service
to the point

I’ve only had a couple of orders with ammo center mass and I am extremely satisfied with the quality and shipping times of my orders. I’ve done on-line orders with several companies since the covid-19 outbreak and the best service I’ve received has been with Ammo Center Mass. Fast, accurate and complete orders.


Got my order today after placing it just last Thursday.  Of the four companies with which I placed orders last week, yours was the last one that I placed, but the first one that I received!  You guys rock!


Thank you for the speedy shipment, not a common thing during these times with some places with 1-2 week delays.


I have to give a shoutout to Ammo Center Mass!! Have been ordering from you guys for a few months now and i cant get over how fast you guys are with shipping orders!!! I order ammo one day and receive it 4 days later. I order parts and its here within the week. Even with all these other sites taking time, you guys are on point! I look forward to ordering from you every week.


Props to Ammo Center Mass. Ordered 1200 rounds of 5.56 yesterday evening and it shipped today. Fastest shipping around.